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Kaleidoscope kaleidoscope,
you are to blame for my every ache and pain.
I thought the world was beautiful
until I looked and finally saw.
The world is forever lacking.

Kaleidoscope kaleidoscope,
you’ve left me torn.
I don’t know how to exist.
Forget about perfection
or insist on togetherness?

I’m a terrible actress,
I can’t pretend I’m not thinking
of This.
of You.



This is interpersonal man-made electricity.
What we have here, is attraction.
Buzzing between us,
my every movement becomes significant.
I flinch, and the world ends.
I recline in my chair, and the world spins on.
We’re the world’s greatest secret keepers,
looking at us you’d swear nothing is happening at all.


These Hands Feel Tied

The golden tones of the late afternoon have long ago faded.
We’re staring deep into the dome above us and losing our trains of thoughts,
holding plastic cups of cheap white wine.
As if pausing to reflect on the perfect answer to some unanswered question
our togetherness feels charged, impatient.
It’s terribly quiet and we’re pretending we’re not anxious.
No, we’re not wondering what the other is thinking.
A cruel and lasting suspension of ourselves separates all.
Time ticks on and although we’re standing still
it’s like we’re falling back.
We waste the night holding our tongues, together.

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Honestly, Yours

are we going to do?
The overbearing burden of our together days.
Longing for a new answer
is all I am.
Am I so far-sighted?
I’m afraid to see us at all. Less than you, though.
Of course.
I wonder if you’re as near-sighted as I am far-sighted.
Like a runner in first we’re too nervous to risk looking back at the others.
You know this, I believe, but maybe I don’t really know what you know at all.