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The Allegory of Our Interlocked Fingers

Sometimes I look at you
with your serial killer
and wonder what you’ve seen
in me
and in this short life.

You spew sentences
at me
without saying anything but words.
I don’t know you.

You keep repeating
these generalizations:
you know what I’m saying
you can see where I’m going
And I’m supposed to understand you.

You stand there,
hands in pockets
circles under eyes
and tell me you want to know me
and I think maybe you do.


Where We Go

Daybreak sweeps.
The big, gray days are exhilarating
in the wilderness
of that world beyond.
But of course
you’ve got to be careful
wandering around the hills.
The endlessness.
Tracing the old romantic ways.

This is fine
and natural
and full of promise.
And it lacks all human logic.

The glorious masses of purple in the spring
became a nightmare of raffia palms.
Yielding, spongy moss silenced
our foot falls.
There were too many days
without civil conversation
and flowing water.

The going got sticky,
days passed into weeks.
The snow that fell on the lower woods
was mostly soft.
The silences fell harder.
To think, these lands could hide absolutely anything.

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I still think back
to the dreamy days of summer
when life was so California,
and wonder why life can’t always
flow with the ease
of the clouds overhead.


Glory Daze

Holding our youth in our hands
it’s clear it’s tangled,
especially in this tainted light.
Trying to test it out
we’ve stretched it out
breaking it out when we’re feeling trite.
Goddamnit it’s not shining anymore.
Caked in demystification
and disbelief,
it stinks of heavy cynicism.
Old Orwell was right.
Fighting to fight to fight.
The thick coat of our youth has worn thin.


Rain Clatter

The rain
dripped gently
at first,

but later
dropped heavily,
fervently, wildly,

of glass

on the car’s
as they

crept towards
the coast,

the quiet
of late evening