Monthly Archives: October 2011

In Closing

This is not a mystery novel,
you are not a detective.
All you have to your name
is a set of particular worries, too worn,
and an insignificant amount of time.
Try and try as you may
you will always be a body.


Lana’s Goddamn Mouth

Lana was a self-proclaimed atheist
but always got religious in the chevy.
We’d fly down the main drag of the city,
windows open
pedal down,
and scrambled prayers would slip
out of her lips
like some sort of disorder.
We’d give her a hard time
and tell her to cool it with the god shit.

Lana never said why it’d happen,
said she wasn’t afraid of no cars.
Making up reasons and elaborate stories
became a daily sport behind her back.

Once in park she’d spout a few more
then apologize for her damn mouth,
promising it wouldn’t happen again.
But we all knew,
Lana’d never quit.


This Page Was Left Intentionally Blank

I’ve been all nostalgic about every goddamn moment
but you’ve probably forgotten
it all
all in all
we are all there is.
All afraid of fucking up
as if there’s a right way to do anything.
I can’t do anything
except lie through my teeth.
Lying like a ritual
the routine, the routine
get me out of this ridiculous machine.
Greased with liquor, you fall
and you could get up
but you don’t
instead you fall out and in
like the tide.
I’m drifting towards
you my coast.
I coast
down the steepest hill
without breaks
or stakes
trying to break out of life’s grasp.