Monthly Archives: October 2012


Sky blue daydreams were no longer enough
on those drained empty days.
We draped ourselves on faded floral couches
and blew the bangs out of our eyes, too often.
The whole town was drowsy.

Only in the hours without the sun
did we finally live,
drifting down empty streets
and laughing with our mouths wide open.


A Certain End

On the dark shoulder of the road,
we looked over the city
and felt the summer night-quiet.

I wanted to whisper
to you.
A few words.
“I’m not doing so well.”

I needed this,
but couldn’t watch the change
in your shining eyes.
I didn’t want your pitied expression
but needed your reassuring grip on my arms.

I couldn’t take it.
I couldn’t take much of anything.
Instead I wished
for the bottom of the dark valley
or anywhere with a certain end.