Monthly Archives: August 2011

One Another

But we are lovers, aren’t we?
All of us creatures made for longing.
Fussing about in a world trying to convince us otherwise.
We fill our lives with things, but mostly people,
people who care about our nightmares
and wish for us when we’re not there.

And we all just hope, openly or secretly,
that one of these people will wish for us enough
and ask us to always stay nearby,
to go as lovers go. Together.


If there is a forever

Standing close to you
and watching the rain fall down the window
I realize I will relish this moment for too long.

You’ll forget
the way you wanted me with every piece.
How every kiss was all that mattered.
And how I was so nervous
when we first met.
But I will always remember.

It will seem even more perfect in time
and I’ll want nothing more than to go back.
Just to feel your arms around me
and hold onto your desire.



The silence of each night is letting me go
for more dreaming
more planning.
I’m waiting to wake up
with the most beautiful answers.
The ones I was promised as a child.

They’re around,
waiting for the right moment,
when I won’t reject them for their perfection.
In the meantime I will wonder
how this can be my real life.

The irony is quite clear.



Darkness laced the end of the day
and those who were still enough could hear the earth sigh
with sadness,
and with the greatest relief.
For another twenty-four was nearly over.
Tomorrow there would be more troubles
but for now, there was a soft ending.


Not Another Day

It was summer and you were whistling.
I recognized you
but not the tune.
It had been more years than I liked.

You took a hold of my hand
not for a romantic gesture
but to say I know you too.
I felt like crying but I didn’t.