Monthly Archives: January 2010

the sun sets later

Thursday’s sun is settling for us
behind the lovely mountains.
We’re sitting on the car
dangling our legs like children
and thinking young thoughts.

Summer has been a terribly distracting friend
hinting that it’s not so far away
so we leave our notebooks behind
and let our hopes take over.

Every day becomes a day for
the beach and debauchery.
We wouldn’t ever
wash the sand away
if we had a choice.


our album days

We sat on top of the warped wooden picnic table and talked about romantic ideas, our fingers playing with the sand that filled the grooves of the wood. Like promises that last a lifetime without being broken and secret lives that are never discovered. It smelled like rain and we weren’t dressed appropriately for the approaching storm but it felt right to stay there. The wind was blowing my hair into my face and thunder boomed in the far distance. We talked about where we imagined ourselves in ten years and promised each other that we’d always come back here together, even if we weren’t dating, at least once a year. It was one of those days we never wanted to forget. Nothing substantial was happening but the feeling of being happy just to do anything with each other was for keeps.


my little hands are shaking

I let
my hair
grow long.
Down over my green eyes
so I can try,
not to notice,
what I’ve forgotten,
these last few years.

I am losing
all sense of familiarity
twirling my hair
around my fingers
all too much.
And I don’t think
knows how to stop me
from falling to pieces
of dust.

And no one relaxes
my clenched fists
or bothers
to yell back.
So I deteriorate
some more.



I’m no good at telling the truth
unless you pull it out of me.
Stop looking at me with dark eyes
I’ll slam this door in your face.
Or maybe I’ll just say terrible things to you
that I’ll regret in the early afternoon.
I’ve always wanted to tell you
to shut your mouth.
You don’t kiss me as much as you should.


positively alone

I’m alone here,
in the warm quiet,
soaking up the possibilities.
My thoughts are free to fly about
and I let them wander.
I dance on tiptoes in the kitchen
and pretend I’m a model in the hallway.

I sing loud enough for the neighbors
and delight in hitting the high notes
I’m too shy to sing in front of others.
I talk loudly to myself,
and yell the things I’ll never say.

It’s the most naked I can be while dressed.


Caught in the Tide

Can you tell I haven’t had a dreamless night in over a month?
It’s in my chipped nail polish and my clouded words.
You probably didn’t notice.
You don’t look closely anymore.
If I want you to see I have to show you.

Nights last for years.
My bed’s never made.
These aren’t happy dreams of mine.
Nothing’s conclusive,
I’m just guessing these days,
but I think I’m falling apart.



I keep pulling at the seams of us.
It’s unravelling so slowly I manage to forget
it’s even happening.
I’m afraid
I don’t know
to sew things back together if
it finally falls apart.
My sloppy hand-stitching won’t mend it.


it must have been nice

Darling, did you notice the house had aged
in such hushed overtones?
The windows were painted closed
and each stair
whimpered under any weight.
The air was antiquated and dusty.
It was suffocating all feelings of well-being.
There was no time to sort through things,
or we would become part of the antiques.
Darling, it was right to leave it.


Baggage Claim 7

Two suitcases on the baggage carousal.
They don’t belong
and should have been collected.
Someone wants them,
and is waiting
just for them.
But that someone is not here.

It’s every fairytale ever written
in its most raw form.
We’re just waiting to find the person who wants us.
I’m envious of some luggage that missed its connecting flight.


it’s apparent, they said

She’s looking at him
with naked eyes,
wordlessly telling
lengthy stories.

He looks away,
feeling an impatient audience.
As much as he’d like to,
he can’t help himself.
He looks at her.
A nakedness rarely seen.

He tries to keep blinking
to obscure his exposure
but it’s done,
everyone saw it.