Monthly Archives: October 2010

All My Attempts

I feel my absolute worst
these long and lonely days,
when I’ve failed you.
The number of my successes
seems far smaller
than the number of times
I’ve failed you.
Somehow things never go like I’ve planned
and you expect me
to be the one
who will get things right for a change.

Well I’m sorry.
I’m no better than the rest.


So Long, Lonely Nights

This bed is too small
for two
we knew
but didn’t care.
Limbs on limbs,
lips on lips.
Warm on a winter’s night.



Let me count the tears that well up in your head,
your mysteries,
and night blue veins.
Today is the greatest of days
to forget and forget and forget.
Tearing pages from worn notebooks
and photos from mantel frames,
these timeless times
will fail to exist.
It’ll be easy for you, baby.
I’ll help you see that you’re nothing without me.