Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bedford Place

We stare through windows
watching leaves, rain, and snow
collapse onto the garden below.
Hoping it’s all an anachronism.
We won’t allow time to pass.



They’re looking,
back and forth,
at your lips on my forehead.
At your arms searching for my waist.
At your fingers linking with mine.
I see their confusion and whispering
and become little more
than the blush across my cheeks.
December’s never felt so warm.


Drowning Within

The snow falling from above
powders my hair, my cheeks, my coat.
I’m about to splinter.
I despise these goddamn goodbyes
and the waves of grief that fill my stomach.
I fear a time when this world will be
black and white,
bottled and stored,
no longer a part of the whole.


You Are My Winter

Your rough beard scratches my soft cheek
as you hug me with your sweater arms.
A comforting woodsy cologne scent envelops me and
I lay my head on your warm shoulder.
You are my winter.

I make a pot of tea and
steal the down comforter
from our dark wood bed
for cuddling couch purposes.
I dance around in flannel and wool socks
in front of the fireplace
to be your winter.

Sweet winter loveliness
creates feather-soft feelings inside us,
our eyes alight with requited joy.