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Not Waiting.

It might not be impossible once,
one will always be a matter of sharing.
Space feels like to be.
Truly love someone but you don’t once did?

I refuse to someone who I could be,
I’ve already found the
I’m someone’s.
Or if it’s and the number of times unknown.

But it sure is difficult
to fall seen in a slightly brighter in the heart?
Some days it wanted.
Is this how,
feel it pumping through, believe it.

I hope it’s not more than happy to wake person.
I wonder if I will closer than I know.
The may feel like I’m bursting in love
with two people at light than the other.
Is it really feels like I’m forgetting what it feels?

You say you,
your veins,
all the time.
Like it naive to think there might be up
to every single day.
Maybe have years and years
before number of tears I shed with contentment are so…

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Proven to be Indispensable

All I want,
can’t be held.
Don’t you see
everything that is great in this whole
fucking world is intangible?

Get me out of
here, this simple world, where
just can’t find

My inner being lives for
night time and whispers
or morning and yelling.
Promise to be with me,
quiet and

Time has a way to slip
unbeknownst to all yet with a
waiting wrath.

X-ray family eyes fill you to capacity with guilt
you sink into sorrow.
Zero room for argument.

*Each line of this mixed up poem corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. I’m bored with my writing and this was my solution!


Your Greatest Charade

A relationship of summers,
never winters
made of the simple joy
of hands.
Lips and smiles.

A single chance
at together,
the easy days of now
are golden.

It’s careful words
and careless stumbling
that grease these wheels.

Behind the vacant eyes
the truth remains,
we’re playing for keeps.


Dive into the Dark

Walking on this old bridge, frail like one last hope. It doesn’t matter if I fall. I know the lengthy drop into the dark blue below will be a relief. The wind against me and no other options, the purest of guarantees. When I longingly reach the cool and certain water I’ll feel more than I’ve felt in years.


Vacant Lot

I’m missing parts of myself.
You took my wide eyes
and my unclouded mind
as well as the small chunk of my brain
that pumped out optimism.

I wrap myself in
cashmere sweaters and arms
and tell myself
I’m Whole, I’m Complete,
without really believing any of my words