Monthly Archives: November 2010

Soft Thoughts

Everyone is napping so the silence overflows.
I get introspective switching song after song.
Not sure what I’m looking for.
I guess I’ll know when I find it.

Snow is falling outside and I watch it twirl and spin and fall,
behind a foggy window and a mug full of tea.
I’m longing for a piece of home in person form.
Wrap those arms around me
and hold my hand in my deep coat pocket.
I’m hoping and waiting so dearly.


For One More Chance

I press my hand
against your chest
to softly stop you
from getting any closer.
Can’t you see
I’m trying to save us both?
It’s awfully hard
and I can’t take much more,
but it’s what you want.
Isn’t it?



Crimson and orange red leaves
fall from the sky
Dropped by a flower girl
at the wedding of autumn and winter.

The wind dances and spins
trying to convince us all
it’s better than summer.
We pull our scarves tighter, closer
in an attempt to ignore it all.