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In science water and shelter has to mean much,
include a sense and love
of home as a place
I had always thought that I have found.

Be so much more than of someone I loved.
It’s dorm room and in the eyes are truly searching
for being home
that we as its certain smells,
tangible thing.
Home have found that
there are different.

Think about the fact that each.
It is weird to feel like home. I guess places in my life will life.
I am looking for someone,
I am really looking for in where I am.
This is me at home no matter to put my things
me than finding a location at night.
All of that and paint
and sleeping in it at night enjoying matter when you are.

Will never find a home.
I worry some fear of the unknown
but I think everyone has described as needing food books
humans are always vague because it.
But shelter is entirely a roof.
Shelter has to more than four walls and will die without
the comfort of love because we really love.
Home must include.

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Something To Eat

Bottle full of coins. So there is a any candles that no longer half full of dirty dishes light. A sink, two are blue and four of beige. Why are stain are an ugly colorless steel refrigerators champagne bottle has in style? That been there since we had a mixing bowl thanksgiving. I wish to actually make is full of microwave cookies. The freezable meals and organic a random combination!

Ingredients. Such no one seems to like tootsie rolls, they’ve the plain flavored sitting there for months. Fridge is covered in the surface of the drawings from some at the beginning of the game we played year, pictures, and a parmesan. Nothing is recipe for chicken in our kitchen. Not the loaves of bread sugar container crowding the counter. Why to have four differs it that we loaves of bread for hat live here? It seems the four people like a bit of waste.

That there are, I am, fairly positive ware containers buried in the fridge that back on the shelves contain toxic chemicals. That we don’t have ants, it is a good thing, because they could crumbs on the counter live off of the and the floor. We’re cleanest girls. Too many not exactly the have burnt in really don’t know this little kitchen. Many cups and plates some things seem to completely break and how disappear right wood cabinets. Why would out of the dark someone want to without the lid? And take my travel mug if no one took it?

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Justin Liu

I’m prohibited by law from reading Guitar Magazine
and some official-looking document,
the mail for Justin Liu.
Who is Justin Liu?
It appears he likes guitars
and may also be entitled to a class action settlement.

This mail is sitting on top of a half-full bag of Rolos
and under a book, three markers, and a highlighter.
Sustenance and tools for late night reading?
An art project?
Someone’s awkward attempt at organizing?
In this household, all three are likely.


Family Home

Every moment is dear, darling. An exquisite crevasse
for memory.
The fifth house up Mayberry Avenue.
It’s mine!

Judgement disappears in
its every corner and nook
I know,
Lucky Dog scratches at the door.

Swimming pool nights with
my bunk bed sister
I’m most myself here.
You can tell me anything, baby.

That’s the big dipper!
Dad’s barbecuing
the living room is our stage.

Picking roses,
painting these walls myself.
Home video subjects.
Look at the cat!
Christmas dinner is at 3pm.



My roommates.
Have inform the police,
it sounds strange
but where the other least two people are
the whereabouts work, and school.
And random activities all,
even sleep here is normal.
Sooner with stories of our.

Exactly something to gone missing.
This isn’t interesting occurrence
but more like an we’ll always know here
and usually one class of the other two.

The curriculars, meetings,
not to mention the extra.
We may not that could be
keeping the project at school at night,
staying up for together again or later.
We all end up turn up soon days.
I imagine they will.

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Counter Strike

last night’s dinner
on the counter,
and are
engaging in battle.

will complain
or choose
to throw
it out?

Maybe we’ll all
(try to)
for you to notice


Pressed Inwards

It’s raining in torrents.
we’ll leave of rain hitting.
Swaddle ourselves in
from ancient Christmas.
Old notebooks for our
for a movie we’ve seen.

Feeling of home is we’ll stay in forever.
This our music for sounds,
the blinds open and trade favorite white noises.
Pavement and palm trees.
Our drink coffee and tea.
Blankets and jackets to morning all day.
We find rain induced thoughts
then cuddle the couch too many times.

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The Content

After flannel feeling in our glow
streams through the table
make our hearts places
for every belonging
are familiar.
Sheltered, we fall asleep carelessly.

We found the sought
where the afternoon lit candles
on the oak routines for showers
neighborhood noises the surroundings.
Taupe apartment,
the long blinds and calm.
We have and all the, and confident.

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the bedroom door.
To change.
No one’s home.
Little chance,
someone would come home
Not why it’s closed.

Closed for comfort
of small home spaces.
Not for privacy but a desire,
to be close,
Mom hug close.
A sense of security,
tight and warm.
Nothing can harm those
curled up compactly.


Night’s Welcome

The rhythm of pulling into the driveway
surfaces a nostalgia for younger days,
of falling asleep in the car
only to wake
when carried inside.

Orange blossom air
cleaner and crisper than anywhere
perfumes the night
while crickets chirp and owls hoot
a small town soundtrack.

The outside lights welcome my movement
onto the faded white porch
and into the warm comfort of home.