Monthly Archives: March 2011

The Embrace

Heavy fog
hugs you close to the mountain.
Such cold arms.
It swells around
your every step,
quieting the world around.
You, the fog, and nothing.

Stop this madness,
sleep forever!
this blanket of mist begs.

You resist,
though your every molecule
wants to rest under
lonely clouds.

This can’t be,
your freezing bones are aching,
urging you to abandon the mountain
and its accompanying fog.

Caught between desires,
hot tears slip away,
landing softly on the leaves below.
With a soft goodbye
you turn and run away.


The Mess of the Interior

This is what it feels like to break down.
There’s a weight in my chest that makes living difficult.
I see myself in the mirror
but I can’t recognize the expression.
There’s a depth behind these eyes,
green pools of sorrow.

I’m waiting for someone to look for me,
squeeze me until it’s clear
that we’re genuine,
and know the maze of my mind.
Help me pick up my fragile pieces
and I’ll give you the world’s contentment.