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organic beginning

It took us a long time
to feel better about it all.
This falling down love
takes patience.
It’s sentimental and flightless.

We’re nervous.
We leave the lights on every night
and take the long way everywhere.
Nothing is ever left behind.

We greet everyone like a snow storm,
we’re swimming in smiles and nostalgia.
Everything else is pushed to the side.


Lars and the Real Girl inspiration

He believes in it
He’s getting sick with it
It’s worse than he thought.
The love is asleep in the same bed.

The morning hysterics
follow the morning absence.
Shaking crying screaming.

No more.

He sees what’s going on
He believed one day in away
in getting the courage
in the real girl.

I created this poem from a paragraph synopsis of Lars and the Real Girl written by Erin Hoy.


oh yes, we know each other

We need to stop yelling and start whispering. Do we have that right? We need more starts than stops. We’re wishing for a rainy day in the middle of a drought. It’s not impossible but people are still doubting us. We’re not as fragile as we think. We’re a secret but not a well kept one. We’re the sunshine that greets you outside of the dark theatre. We like it when the lyrics of great bands and ipods convey our feelings. We need late night walks. We’re the shiny star that the world first sees at night. We need those finger trap things they always give kids. We want to be remembered. We wake up in the morning with optimism and go to sleep with contentment. We’re not a dream. We need movie nights and going out nights and just being creative nights. We don’t really need that much to be entertained. We like it when our life is a romantic comedy and hate it when it’s a dramatic tragedy. We need to see things up close and from far away sometimes to really understand what we’re looking at. We need experiences. We want futures. We don’t know what we’re doing but we like figuring it all out as we go.


the tallest

You are the tallest tree
in the forest.
I tried to climb you
and reach your very top
but your falling leaves kept
falling and pushed me down
your thick trunk.

They buried me in layers and
layers of leaves on the
forest floor.
When I tried to get up
I found they were not leaves
but tears.

I asked if you were crying
and you said they must be tears
from a taller tree above you.

The inspiration for this poem comes from Zachary Schomburg’s Scary, No Scary.



I run my fingers through my curly hair
and I don’t care anymore.
The fire alarm is going off again
but I don’t hear it from where I am,
wherever it is I am these days.
Leave a message if you can’t
reach me.

The longer I’m awake the more
I realize there’s nothing wrong
with the world.
Or maybe I’m just too tired
or too far away to
see all the problems.
Have another cup of coffee with me.


You Need To Know

You’re doing it again. Can you tell? I’m not sure you can. It’s like telling someone that they snore. Unless they’ve woken themselves up from snoring too loud or someone records them, they’ll never really believe it. All I’m asking is that you feel bad for waking me up in the middle of the night and apologize in the morning. And get your nose or throat, or whatever is causing you to snore, fucking fixed. I’m tired of being sleep-deprived.


what is this?

I’m like a coma patient who’s suddenly awake after a few months. It hasn’t been that long and yet I feel as though I suddenly don’t know anything. I’m not even sure if I know myself anymore. What am I doing? I’m going to focus on what I do know for certain. I know I love the people around me. I know that every tomorrow is a new beginning. I know that I have goals and dreams and that I can make my life as great as I want it. I know that everything that is terrible reminds me of everything that is wonderful. I know that nothing is ever impossible or too hard. I don’t need anything else.



It’s getting quite late. In fact, it’s time to be quiet and hurry off to sleep. The stars are twinkling in the sky and the moon is keeping watch from above. I know everything is frightening in the dark but it will all be better in the morning. There’s nothing to worry about, I can promise you that. Just snuggle up beneath the heavy quilt Grandma made for you, and close your little eyes. It will be tomorrow in no time. If you need anything I’ll be right there and please do get me if something is wrong. If you can’t fall asleep you can always think of Disneyland and create a new ride in your mind. Sleep now, my dear.


come out and play

She said her heart was like a hourglass and it was running out of sand. I told her my cupped hands might help but she pushed them away. She said everyone knows sand can slip through the spaces between your fingers. I promised her I would try my hardest and squeezed my fingers together so tightly. She said I shouldn’t be so stupid, it would never be good enough. I knew she was right about the last part. My help would never be good enough for her.

My lips are painted dark red and my nails
are painted bright blue. It’s all bizarre to you.
You think I’m looking for attention with my
hot pink hair. But I’m not. I don’t care that
people stare at me on the streets or judge
me for me not fitting in with the norm.
I just want to be remembered.

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this is your notice

I want to hear the sound of your voice.
Is that selfish?
Maybe it is.
But maybe I would kill for a yes or a no from your mouth.
Please just give me something to hear in my head
when I can’t sleep during the meanest hour of the night.
I’m not eating until you do.
That’s a lie.
But it made you pay attention.
I blame you for my childlike needs
and caffeine addiction.
I can’t wake up without coffee and you.