Where We Go

Daybreak sweeps.
The big, gray days are exhilarating
in the wilderness
of that world beyond.
But of course
you’ve got to be careful
wandering around the hills.
The endlessness.
Tracing the old romantic ways.

This is fine
and natural
and full of promise.
And it lacks all human logic.

The glorious masses of purple in the spring
became a nightmare of raffia palms.
Yielding, spongy moss silenced
our foot falls.
There were too many days
without civil conversation
and flowing water.

The going got sticky,
days passed into weeks.
The snow that fell on the lower woods
was mostly soft.
The silences fell harder.
To think, these lands could hide absolutely anything.

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2 thoughts on “Where We Go

  1. Jingle says:

    how are you?
    visit me to claim 3 awards in my post…
    make a contribution to poets rally today, have fun!
    this piece is stunning..keep it up.

    missed you, bless you.

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