Not Waiting.

It might not be impossible once,
one will always be a matter of sharing.
Space feels like to be.
Truly love someone but you don’t once did?

I refuse to someone who I could be,
I’ve already found the
I’m someone’s.
Or if it’s and the number of times unknown.

But it sure is difficult
to fall seen in a slightly brighter in the heart?
Some days it wanted.
Is this how,
feel it pumping through, believe it.

I hope it’s not more than happy to wake person.
I wonder if I will closer than I know.
The may feel like I’m bursting in love
with two people at light than the other.
Is it really feels like I’m forgetting what it feels?

You say you,
your veins,
all the time.
Like it naive to think there might be up
to every single day.
Maybe have years and years
before number of tears I shed with contentment are so…

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One thought on “Not Waiting.

  1. Jingle says:

    lovely sentiments, well done..

    your talent always impress me.

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