Proven to be Indispensable

All I want,
can’t be held.
Don’t you see
everything that is great in this whole
fucking world is intangible?

Get me out of
here, this simple world, where
just can’t find

My inner being lives for
night time and whispers
or morning and yelling.
Promise to be with me,
quiet and

Time has a way to slip
unbeknownst to all yet with a
waiting wrath.

X-ray family eyes fill you to capacity with guilt
you sink into sorrow.
Zero room for argument.

*Each line of this mixed up poem corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. I’m bored with my writing and this was my solution!


9 thoughts on “Proven to be Indispensable

  1. Leo says:

    simple world where one cant find love.. oh yes, i can associate with that for sure.. good ABC poem.!

  2. tasithoughts says:

    Love the alphabet angle but more importantly the content of the poem…great job!

  3. Jingle says:

    lovely images in your word painting..

  4. Morganna says:

    Interesting idea for mixing things up.

  5. heartspell says:

    I hope you cured your boredom…. well done, great approach. Heartspell

  6. Creative! I definitely didn’t find this to be boring at all.

  7. Artswebshow says:

    I like this.
    Good job

  8. Well done for pushing your writing forward and setting yourself new challenges – nicely executed

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