Simple Math

I wanted to make math out of us.
I thought it was simple logic.
The chemical reactions,
the shivers through me,
that smile you saved for me,
and the accompanying look in your eyes
seemed proof enough.

Brush your hair from your eyes
with your rake-like fingers
and give me that sideways face.
Your stupid wine lips
and crooked logic
make me yours every time.

I wish the world was smaller so we’d always have to squeeze together in the back seats of cars, of restaurant booths, of couches, and on beds. They wouldn’t be so small that we’d get annoyed by our rubbing elbows, but small enough for us to be pressed together and breathe each other in. I want to be as close as possible to the person that makes me feel whole.


4 thoughts on “Simple Math

  1. Jingle says:

    excellent words..
    love reading you!

  2. D.S. Lear says:

    what a beautiful solution! nicely done!

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