faded maps

The walls were covered with faded maps
and cobwebs adorned the lonely corners.
If it had been darker we would have been scared
but instead we felt like the only visitors
in an abandoned museum.

It had been so easy to climb over the little fence
and slide through the broken window.
Now we stood, so clean
in comparison to the dusty world around us.
We creaked through the rooms
and saw that all the closets and drawers
were still full of someone’s belongings.
An untouched world.

After leaving, everything outside seemed
too colorful and plastic.
We missed the faded photos and
the tangible sense of secrets.


One thought on “faded maps

  1. the last stanza, i think, says it all. there seems to be so little secrecy in this world and as the secrets are replaced by scandals, lives of others in the past seem so magical.

    this is a beautiful poem 🙂

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