Everyone’s Free

I always hate getting out of the pool in early spring. I pull myself out of the water I’ve grown to feel warm enough in and then I’m instantly shivering in the breeze as rivers run down my spine and legs. My towel never seems close enough or big enough or warm enough. I try and dry off enough so I can get inside and out of the bathing suit that clings cruelly to my damp skin. It’s not always like this though. Sometimes I get out and find it warmer than I imagined it would be. I don’t have to desperately fight the goosebumps with furious toweling. Instead I can feel the sun warming my very core as the drips dry off my skin. I can spend a while longer outside and slow life down.

I sometimes feel that way when I’m around you. Especially when you show up at my apartment and I’m not expecting you, and I’m wearing some old shirt from high school, and my hair’s in a side pony-tail, and you tell me I look cute. That you just miss me sometimes and end up here. You are the warm day in spring that makes everyone free. I dream of having everyday feel like summer because you’re here with me.

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