Down Fairview Avenue

We walked down the dark street
following the bouncing light
of our flashlights
and hoping
we’d someday remember this night.
Our time to be young!
Whatever that truly meant.

There weren’t many cars
and the town had rules against streetlights.
It gave us a taste of exhilarating vulnerability
to be out so late in the black night.

We climbed over the wooden fence
at the end of the street
and walked quickly through the chilly orange groves.
The faint sound of the wind in the leaves
and our shoes in the wet dirt
were the only things we could hear.

After a short while we were far enough.
It felt like we owned the world here
where no other noise reached us.
We sat down on our old blanket
and fell entirely silent
and watched twinkly stars
fall towards us.

Youth doesn’t always feel like it’s shown in movies
but this was one of the nights
that seemed fictional as we lived it.

P.S. Thanks for the thoughtful comments 🙂


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