This is Your Notice

I want to hear the sound of your voice.
Is that selfish?
Maybe it is.
But maybe I would kill for a yes or a no from your mouth.
Please just give me something to hear in my head
when I can’t sleep during the meanest hour of night.
I’m not eating until you do.
That’s a lie.
But it made you pay attention.
I blame you for my childlike needs
and caffeine addiction.
I can’t wake up without coffee and you.


One thought on “This is Your Notice

  1. Max Suica says:

    Felt this way for a tiny infinity
    not sure that I’m past it
    not sure I feel anything
    Still want her cheek against mine
    binding her secrets to mine
    saying she’ll be there in time
    and loving me.
    But why?
    When I’m not sure what I feel means a thing
    Yet I’m excited for what the future will bring.
    Though I now focus simply on being
    while my heart does not yet again stir;
    Why still can’t I wake without her?

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