oh yes, we know each other

We need to stop yelling and start whispering. Do we have that right? We need more starts than stops. We’re wishing for a rainy day in the middle of a drought. It’s not impossible but people are still doubting us. We’re not as fragile as we think. We’re a secret but not a well kept one. We’re the sunshine that greets you outside of the dark theatre. We like it when the lyrics of great bands and ipods convey our feelings. We need late night walks. We’re the shiny star that the world first sees at night. We need those finger trap things they always give kids. We want to be remembered. We wake up in the morning with optimism and go to sleep with contentment. We’re not a dream. We need movie nights and going out nights and just being creative nights. We don’t really need that much to be entertained. We like it when our life is a romantic comedy and hate it when it’s a dramatic tragedy. We need to see things up close and from far away sometimes to really understand what we’re looking at. We need experiences. We want futures. We don’t know what we’re doing but we like figuring it all out as we go.


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