all I need

It was late Saturday morning when I woke up. I hated waking up after you, it meant I had missed out on time with you. You always told me that you weren’t up to anything exciting without me but I still felt like I was missing everything. I climbed out of bed and wrapped up in one of the winter blankets we kept at the foot of the bed. It wasn’t that cold but I wanted to snuggle a little more. You were laying on the couch reading a book. You had folded the left half of the book behind the back of the right. I liked that you did that. I used to think that ruined them until you told me that books weren’t for displaying in a glass case so you might as well make them personal. All of your books had such worn spines. I sat on the big chair next to the couch and you set your book down on your chest and smiled at me.
“Good morning,” you said.
“Good morning. Should I make some coffee?” I asked with my tired voice.
“No, but you should come lay down next to me,” you said, still smiling.
I smiled and joined you on the couch. You were so comfortable and warm.
“Did you sleep well?” you asked.
“Yeah, but I dreamt that you were leaving for a long trip and you wouldn’t let me kiss you goodbye. I was very mad at you.”
“Well you’ll be happy to know that I am not leaving anywhere and I will always let you kiss me goodbye. That is, unless you have some nasty cold,” you said sarcastically.
“You’re mean,” I said with sarcasm.
You laughed.
“So what do you want to do today?” You asked.
I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I don’t care. Something fun though.”
“Hmm. Maybe we should go have lunch up in the mountains. I think it snowed there last night.”
“Okay. Can we make a fire and have hot chocolate when we get back?”
“Yes I think we need to.”
“Did you want to leave soon?” I asked.
“I’m not in a rush. I’m pretty happy right here.”
I smiled.
“Me too. Will you read me a little of whatever you’re reading?”
“Sure,” you said and picked your book up.
I snuggled a little closer to you and watched your eyes move over the pages as you read to me. I thought about how lucky I was to be there with someone who loved mornings like this as much as I did.

“If this isn’t nice I don’t know what is.” – KVJ


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