I’m ready this very second

Time to take this balloon of hope and hold on tightly.
It’s all we have.
You’ve got to put up some sort of fight against
the heavy wind.
Speak now or forever close your eyes to it all.

What am I saying? I don’t know how to do this.
Your smile shows such sweet compassion.
But I’m not sure that smile is for me.

2. she tiptoes in a pillow-covered world, fearing injury.
such a fragile creature.
she tries to leap from promise to promise
so nothing will ever be left to doubt.
but she falls.
and falls.
and falls.

3. Electro beats replace your heart beat.
Your blood is now electricity.
Pulse with me.
Dance with me.
Get so caught up in the music
you forget where you are.
This is it.


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