responses of your tick tock heart

You tell yourself this is real.
This is real. This is real. This is real.
The stars are in your eyes and all you see is crimson and gold,
wherever you look.
Yes darling, that is the ocean you hear when you hold that shell
against your soft little ear.
Your life began with Once Upon a Time and can certainly
conclude with Happily Ever After.

Crooked are the stairs that
lead to the musty basement
where the sun never lights the room
and the damp carpet
never dries.
The couch is sagging
with old regrets
that no longer make any sense.

I want the spaces between your fingers to be mine. My slender fingers belong there, so close to yours. They need to be there. They look so awkward all by themselves and are just the right size to fit perfectly with yours. My hands are always much too cold and yours are always perfectly warm. Can’t you see? They’re a perfect pair. Let’s keep them together for always.

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