to make sense of the world

I want to bend over and flip my wet hair over my shoulders so it creates the sound of rain a lake behind me. I want to glide down a water slide with my arms crossed over my chest like a mummy and my mouth wide open in a scream of delight. I want to wear a sundress and skip through high grasses as I sing all the words to my favorite song. I want to do flips into the pool until I get that squirmy feeling in my stomach. I want to make dozens and dozens of cookies just to smell them coming out of the oven. I want to bounce on a trampoline until I feel entirely weightless. I want to ride a bike along the coast so the ocean breeze streams through my hair and the sun warms my skin. I want to fill my house with candles and watch the light dance. It all makes me feel so alive, it all makes me feel so happy but I need you to do it all with me. My happiness means nothing without yours.


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