here for you

Her heart is aching and she’s crying, she’s crying so hard. She’s curling up against you as if she believes this is going to help her and you don’t even know what to do. You don’t even know why she’s crying. She knocked on your door instead of the doors of her friends or her family and this seems like a significant decision now. When you opened the door she quickly clung to you and held onto the back of your shirt with her tiny hands. You couldn’t do anything but hug her back and close the door to the cold outside world. Your shirt was wet with her tears when you led her over to the kitchen to make her a cup of hot tea. Her eyes were bright pink and she could barely stop crying to drink from the mug in her hands. Now she’s quietly sobbing against you on your bed and you’re feeling so much more than confusion. You aren’t sure what she wants you to do or even why she is crying. You don’t want to make her more upset by asking her. It’s hurting you in an unusual way to see her cry like this. You wish you knew how you could fix whatever was making her so distraught. She must think you specifically can help her with her troubles. Or maybe she just wants to be with you so you can hold her in a way that no one else can.


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