looking stupid

With her electro music blaring from the large black speakers on the desk she didn’t hear him knock at the door and come in. The lights were all off except for a small light in the corner and she was dancing in the way that people only do when no one is looking. It was pretty clear that she was enjoying herself so he decided to sit down in the corner and watch her for a while. As the techno beats finally quieted, signaling the end of the song, he said hello. She jumped and color rushed to her cheeks as she saw him. She asked him how long he had been there and he said he’d been there long enough to know she had some mad skills. She lowered the volume, sat down on her bed, and told him that she was ridiculously embarrassed. Don’t be embarrassed you’re a good dancer, he told her, but he knew it was going to take more than that to make her feel better. She covered her face with her hands and he sat down next to her. He pulled her hands apart as if playing peekaboo with a little kid, and smiled at her. He told her he would make things better and went over to her computer. He turned the volume all the way and backed up into the center of the room. He started dancing ridiculously and he watched her face light up with a smile. For the next few songs he danced in the same manner until she begged him to stop with happy tears streaming from her eyes and complaints that her cheeks hurt from smiling. He laid down on the bed and jokingly squished her into the corner, complaining that she was taking up the whole bed. She laughed and told him he couldn’t lay down just yet, pushing him back off the bed. She picked a new song from her computer and said he had to dance with her now. They danced around the room looking as stupid as possible and laughing so much it was hard to breathe.


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