It had been years and years since he’d thought about Sylvia. He had realized he was in love with Sylvia Woods after he was married but then there was simply nothing he could do. He loved his wife Jen very much but he was not in love with her. Sylvia always wore the same french perfume every single day and it had scented their time together like a soundtrack to a movie. Every time he would be in a department store he would search for her perfume, just to relive a few memories. One time he even bought a small bottle and kept it hidden in his side of the closet. Jen had found it right before Christmas when she was doing a bit of cleaning and had assumed it was for her. He could do nothing but pretend to be angry that she had found her present. But Jen never made the scent her own, it would always be Sylvia’s. He had tried to train himself not to think about her after a few years of marriage and it worked most of the time. He never told Jen about Sylvia and it became the first of secrets he kept from her. It was probably part of what led to their divorce after fifteen years. And now here she was, after twenty years, sitting at his kitchen table drinking coffee and smelling like french perfume. At first he had a hard time looking at her, she was so much older than she was in his memories, and now he couldn’t stop looking at her. She was more beautiful than before in such a different way. Her almond-shaped eyes knew more about the world and her hair was shorter than before. He didn’t know what to say or how to act around her so they spent the day in silence, drinking coffee. She talked about her life all day and made dinner from things in his fridge. Only at night when she was headed into the spare bedroom did he clear his throat and tell her he had missed her all those years. She paused at the doorway and told him that she had been waiting for him the entire time. Then she closed the door and he was left in the quiet again. He didn’t bother sleeping that night, he was too excited for what was to come. At seven he opened her door and lay down on the bed next to her. She opened her eyes and didn’t look surprised to see him. He whispered that he wanted to go away with her and never come back. She whispered that nothing sounded better. They left in an hour with a small bag of their clothes and her perfume. They had never felt so certain or happy about their lives.


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