the softest silence

You hold me. You hold me so tightly. You squeeze me to your warm chest in your arms that are nothing but safe. You kiss my forehead and promise me that this is real. This is a new definition of content. Nothing else matters because nothing else exists with you. You’re the only person I see. It’s always this way, even when you’re not around. I am so close to you that I can feel your lungs rising and falling. I slow my breathing to yours so we are entirely in sync. I don’t really even understand why you pulled me close to you but I fit here so perfectly. We were molded to fit each other, like puzzle pieces. I really do feel this way. I feel you around me but I know that you’re far away when I look into your eyes. I can’t seem to hear your thoughts, no matter how quiet I try to be. I know you’re deep inside the recesses of your mind, worrying, but there’s so much more that I don’t know. I wish you’d whisper in my ear all the secrets you say you don’t have.


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