warm at last

Allison and her sister Rose left the house on that wintry night wearing jeans and light sweaters. It was much too cold to go outside without at least a heavy coat, a scarf, and mittens but the girls did not seem to care. They crunched through the snow in their inappropriate shoes and walked to town with their arms looped together. Their breath made clouds around them in the cold air and they laughed and pretended they were smoking. Everyone they passed could not help but stare at the two beautiful and seemingly-insane girls. When they were shivering and shaking they would walk into a warmly lit store and defrost for a few minutes. They didn’t buy anything in any of the quaint stores they stopped in, they really didn’t come into town to shop. The warmth of the little stores would fill the girls with such a strong feeling of contentment and a sense of home and they would fall silent and smile at each other. After they felt entirely warm they would go back out in the cold and continue down the sidewalk, laughing and shivering until they were too cold again. Each restaurant and store provided the girls with much more than heat, they provided a sense of happiness that they could not seem to find at home or anywhere else for that matter.


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