a convincing argument

I’ve noticed that separation is a very common theme in my writing. I guess it’s just because one of the things I’m most frightened of is losing all the people in my life that mean everything to me. I’ll try to back off of this and branch out with my writing now that I’m aware of this. But for now, one more.

I come over to your house early in the morning and I crawl into your still warm bed. I watch as you stack piles of clothes on the wrinkled comforter. We don’t say anything to each other. You pack with furrowed eyebrows and I watch with the comforter pulled up to my nose. You go into your bathroom to grab the few necessities you’ll need and I pull the comforter off the bed and wrap it around me as I lay down inside your open suitcase. It’s a huge suitcase and I’m small so I can fit if I curl up correctly. It only takes you a few seconds to find where I’ve relocated to and you come and sit down next to the suitcase and me.
“Please pack me in your suitcase. I promise not to take too much room,” I suggest.
“And how will you breathe?”
“You’ll leave the zipper slightly open.”
“And when the baggage compartment isn’t pressurized?”
“You won’t leave me with the bags; you’ll carry me onto the plane.”
“I see. And you will sit still for five hours?”
“I suppose you’re right, that would never work.”
You smile.
“You know I’m only going to be away for two weeks, right?”
“Yes but I think two weeks is a very long time.”
“What if I didn’t pack you in my suitcase and put you in the seat next to me instead?”
“That sounds like the best idea of your life.”
“Yes well it’s hard to resist anyone who wraps themselves in a comforter and snuggles up in my suitcase.”
“Are you meaning to say you would bring anyone along who squished into your baggage? What if I was Jenna right now?”
“Do you mean Jenna, my fifth-grade girlfriend?”
“Yes, I think she secretly hopes you’ll come back to her.”
“She’s married now so I’m sure you’re quite wrong about that and no I would not give the same offer to a comforter enveloped Jenna.”
“Then I accept said offer.”
“Was there a chance you wouldn’t?”
“There was not.”
“Good to know. Since you no longer need to prevent me from leaving why don’t you go pack your bags, miss.”
“I think I will. This suitcase is rather cozy though.”
“When I’m done with it I’ll leave it right there for you to curl up in whenever you desire.”
“Thank you good sir, it will be perfect for afternoon naps,” I say, getting to my feet.
“Call me when you’re finished packing and I’ll come pick you up.”
“I will do just that. Arrivederci.”
“Until later, amore mio.”
I leave the room with your comforter still wrapped around me and return a few seconds later when I notice it. Once in the car I realize how content and excited I am as I think about travelling with you. What a lovely surprise.


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