late night or early morning

Nobody is home to feed the cat
who purrs in her sleep
on the soft white blanket.
Her whiskers twitch as she dreams
of yarn, of tuna fish, of sunshine.
She’ll jump on her master’s bed
hoping he’s there
but she’ll be alone all night
waiting for him at the foot of the bed.

You should know, you’ve replaced all my memories from the past with memories that include you. I don’t know how that happened. It was like you had turned on a light in my life and I had never even realized was dark before. I was captivated by every part of you. I wanted to change myself to be better, to be more like you. It’s very probable that you didn’t even realize the impact of your actions on me. You left so quickly I never even had time to tell you. I don’t imagine I’ll ever see you again but I know this is how it’s supposed to be.

It’s late in the afternoon on a Saturday and we’re still in our pajamas. You’re sitting on the bed with your glasses on and a serious expression as you read the newspaper. I can’t help but giggle at how serious you seem. You’re never serious. You look up from your paper at me doodling around the edges of a crossword puzzle and ask me what I’m laughing at. I tell you I’m laughing at your face and you throw a pillow at me. I duck under the heavy grey comforter and crawl over to my side of the bed. I grab for my pillow but find that it is already gone and am suddenly pelted with my pillow and two throw pillows. I scramble to grab the ammunition and suddenly we’re both standing there on top of the bed attacking each other. You’re stronger than I am and you knock me down after a while with an especially violent whack. You squish me with the pillow and lay on top of me until I surrender between giggles. My hair sticks up with static and my pajamas are twisted as I crawl back under the comforter. You pull some of the comforter over you and we lay there face to face just smiling and laughing like little kids.

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