The constant heat during the day was exhausting and forced us to plan our adventures at night. As we rode through the neighborhood after the sun had set, the cool night air flowed through our hair and swept through our t-shirts. We were on one of those tandem bicycles that always seemed so cheesy to me, but you were so interested in riding it that I gave in. The streets were dark and mostly silent, with the exception of a few dogs barking and the melodic and rhythmic chirping of crickets. The park around the corner was playing movies every friday of summer and we rode the bike towards it. We peered through the fence to see what movie it was but it was some animated film neither of us recognized. It seemed so cinematic and stereotypical of a small town to have movies playing in the park as we rode on a tandem bicycle and we laughed at this. We rode back to the house and swam in the pool under the full moon until our fingers and toes wrinkled. Then we put on warm clothes and drove to buy donuts at two a.m. when they were still hot from the oven. They tasted like happiness as we sang along to the radio in the quiet night. We ended the night sharing stories and philosophies under the constant hum of the fan.


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