Lost and Found

Life was unquestionably safe for Helen and Grace. There was so much they’d been sheltered from and they had some perception of this, but very little. On Sunday afternoon they came back from church and decided to run away while everyone was busy preparing dinner. In their white lacy dresses they skipped to the edge of the forest. They walked deep into the tall trees and didn’t look back so they could understand what the word lost meant and felt like. It was frightening, and every noise made the girls jump and squeeze each others’ hand tighter. Helen didn’t like it and told Grace she was not going any further as tears blurred her eyes. Grace did her best to calm her sister and sang to her as she pulled her along. After what seemed like days they saw sunlight through the trees and hurried to get out of the terrible forest. When the trees were finally behind them they laughed and jumped in delight. After celebrating, they found their way back home by walking around the forest and promised their worried parents that they would never leave again. They appreciated their safe life much more after that and would occasionally walk near the forest to remind themselves how horrible and dark life had seemed. Helen and Grace didn’t mind being safe at all.


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