Emily and Chris climbed to the top of the most stable tower in the orange groves to watch the sunset. They sat there eating popsicles and reading each other the jokes written on their sticky sticks. They’d known each other for so many years now and the history between them was immense. Emily found herself thinking of her favorite days with Chris as the sun dropped lower. She was getting lost in her head, deep in the memories, when Chris snapped his fingers in front of her face. He said she was zoning out on him and Emily laughed. Chris was always the boy who pulled Emily’s hair and she always blushed in response. There will always be a sort of curious flirty awkwardness between them but they’re content with this because they both realize nothing more will ever happen. After the sun set they climbed down from the tower and made their way through the silent trees. Chris jumped out in front of Emily to scare her and she gasped then nearly fell over laughing. Their friendship would always be that simple.


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