Walking to Forever

It had been a cool day, but not cold, and now the encroaching clouds seemed to foreshadow a dark and suspicious night. It probably wouldn’t be though. Nothing exciting ever really happened here. The man and the woman walked down the sidewalk slowly, hands linked. They kept on down the path until it ended in sandy beach. Neither of them said a word. Although they were both in heavy coats and jeans they continued to walk straight into the ocean. Their progress slowed as the water level became deeper but they did not stop walking, hand-in-hand. At last they could no longer touch the wet sand beneath them and they allowed themselves to sink under the power of the waves. When they lifted their heads from the water with deep breaths of moist blue air they started to hum the same song at the exact same time. They smiled at each other and swam hand-in-hand back to the dry sand.


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