Sun-kissed Optimism

We left the beach a little after sunset when our bathing suits felt cold against our sandy skin and our faces were pink from the sun. I had driven there but you decided that you would drive back to the house. I fussed over every song the ipod shuffled to but you didn’t get annoyed. You smiled with your green eyes and told me a song you wanted to listen to. I started singing the words I knew very quietly but you told me you had chosen this song so I would sing for you. I was shy about singing in front of anyone but I sang for you on that dark night drive. You let me have the first shower and when I came out of the bedroom in my blue sundress you were playing guitar on the porch. I sat down beside you in silence and listened to you play. I loved the noise your fingers made as they slid on the strings and I closed my eyes in contentment. You kissed my freckled shoulder and I blushed. You knew and understood me so well, and it had seemed like this since the first time we met. When we finally gave in to our heavy eyelids that night I fell asleep quickly against your chest, breathing in the light scent of aloe vera. I awoke early the next morning and was unbelievably happy that it had not been an elaborate dream. I was always scared that you were a creation of my imagination and I kissed your cheek to guarantee that this was not the case. You smiled and seemed genuinely pleased with my decision to wake you this way. The morning light was crisp and full of optimism and I think we both knew that the summer had so much more in store for us.


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