Finals Week

I haven’t posted a lot lately because my creativity and time is drained due to the quarter ending and now finals week. I wrote this poem during last quarter’s finals week when I was writing a paper in the middle of the night and going quite insane.

Finals week feeling weak
a Monster drink-induced haze
starts to fill up my gaze
not reading never pays
i’m sleeping through the days
next week

yeah it’s gettin late
but it’s crunch time
i really want to munch time
wishin for lunch time
facebook costs me a buncha time
failing is my fate

I’m dancing like a crazy
trying not to sleep
my pile of books is gettin steep
I’m buried pretty deep
time’s starting to really creep
shouldn’t a been so lazy


One thought on “Finals Week

  1. severnyproductions says:

    Witty. I like it

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