summers of the nineties

It wasn’t a very big hammock but we fit on it together easily. The palm trees created just enough shade from the overwhelming sunshine and we rocked back and forth in the slight breeze. We wore neon bathing suits, our faces were sticky from fruity popsicles, and we didn’t have a care in the world. We giggled for hours over the littlest things and pointed out animal-shaped clouds to each other. We ran around in the sprinklers or splashed each other with the hose and never felt bored. The days were ours and we did what we wanted with them until dinner time. If we were especially good and our beds were made, we’d get to play outside even in the dark. Sometimes we would stay awake past our bedtimes and tell stories with just our faces lit up by a flashlight. We were sisters and best friends so summers were always perfect.


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