You are goodbye: reposted

It was time to say goodbye to you. There was so much I wanted to say. So much I wanted to do. I thought about kissing you, even though our friends were all around us, but I didn’t have the courage. We’d always been in this state of not-dating-but-in-a-relationship and I didn’t know how to act anymore. You had graduated on Friday and were moving out while I still had another year. You looked at me with those dark blue eyes and I felt my stomach fill with anxious butterflies. How could I thank you for everything you’d done for me in the last three years? There weren’t words to explain it. How could I tell you how I felt about you, especially here and now? I blinked back a few tears and you noticed. You sighed and enveloped me in a tight hug that was over much too quickly. We should hang out again soon, you said to me as if I were only an acquaintance. I walked out to my car in shock and drove home in tears. I couldn’t believe you were content ending things like that. I called you names under my breath. As I got out the car I was already mad at you and angrily shoved my hands into the pockets of my jacket. There was a note in my pocket. It was folded up into a neat square with my name in cursive on the outside. I opened it up and immediately recognized your handwriting. It read:

Dear Sophia,
I am sure that as you read this you are probably furious at me for giving you such a terrible goodbye. However, I hope that this letter will help you to forgive me. It’s Saturday night as I write this, and I know I won’t be sleeping tonight because the thought of leaving you tomorrow is tearing at my insides. It’s hard to believe that I met you just three years ago, when you were an awkward little first year, because the imprint you’ve made on my life is so tremendous. I want you to know that my biggest regret in college is not making you my girlfriend that first week of school. Every time we went together to study in the library you always accomplished so much while I couldn’t help but focus on how beautiful you looked when the sunlight created shadows on your face and how adorable you looked in glasses. And it wasn’t just your appearance that caught my eye, you taught me so much about life and love like no one ever had. You’d show up at my apartment on Saturday mornings and take me on adventures around the city (instead of letting me recover from the night before), and I’ll never forget them. I’m not a brilliant writer and this letter isn’t coming close to describing how I feel about you but it’s the best I can do.
Love, Luke

My eyes filled up with tears as I read the note because even though it had been a nice note, it was a terrible way to end a relationship. As I looked at the letter again I noticed an arrow instructing me to turn the note over. I flipped it over and it read, turn around. Confusedly I turned around and there you were, leaning up against your car on the other side of the street. You walked up to me casually then paused in front of me before kissing me.

“I’m so sorry for screwing things up. I was so so stupid.” You said.
“It’s okay Luke.” I said, not really knowing what to say.
“No it’s not. I want you to have something.” You replied and got a ring box out of your pocket.
“What are you doing?” I asked, in complete shock.
“It’s not what you think, I know perfectly well how you feel about marriage. But, I also know that i can’t just leave you and pretend that what we have here is not great or even perfect.” You explained, and opened up the box.
Inside it was a pink plastic ring with a fake pink diamond on top, like the kind you find in quarter vending machines for kids. I laughed and wiped the remaining tears from my cheeks.
“I want you to have something to show everyone that we’re dating and it’s your favorite color. I do want to marry you someday and I hope you’ll rethink your stance on marriage before that day comes. I love you Sophia.”
“I love you too.” I said and took the ring from the box.
You smiled brightly.
“That’s probably the cutest thing you’ve ever done.” I said and took his hand and led him to the car.
“Why thank you. And where exactly are we going?” You asked.
“We’re going back to your party so you can be with your friends and I can show off my new ring!” I said, smiling.
“Of course we are.” You said and we got into your car.
You took my hand as we drove and I smiled knowing this was not the end of our time together.


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