happier pieces from the past

1. There is something about his eyes that makes me trust him. He seems so familiar yet I have no idea why. It’s as if I have been dreaming about him my whole life. The time we spend together feels like a movie. I have always been cynical of relationships that developed quickly and yet I can feel myself falling in love after a few days. I feel completely comfortable around him and I can be myself and at the same time he makes me want to be more.

2. Sometimes I get this feeling in my stomach like I’m about to give a speech in front of the entire school. It’s a feeling of excitement, of nervousness, of butterflies. However, I’m not nervous for anything. It takes over my body and mind. I try to figure out what is causing such feelings every time they happen. I think it’s the overwhelming feeling of falling for someone. My whole body becomes aware of this feeling and I can’t help but feel nervous for what is to come. I think the worst feeling is one that is not reciprocated. It hurts when you love someone and they don’t love you back. It’s horrible when you’re missing someone and they’re not missing you. It’s the subject of tragedies. Likewise, it is amazing when someone thinks just like you do. When you swear everything they say could come from your mouth, it’s like magic. It’s like finding someone who completely understands you. You don’t have to worry about sounding weird or stupid, because they’re thinking the same things.


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