come again another day

The news reported this morning that a summer storm is coming. Outside, the intimidating dark clouds are moving in closer. The comforting smell that only summer storms can create fills the air and wind makes the palm trees sway. I survey the yard with my dog following, and realize there is a lot to be done before the storm comes. I work quickly so I can enjoy it when it arrives. I take down the heavy blue and white striped umbrellas from the tables and put them in the garage and imagine myself being carried into the wind with a quiet laugh. Next I move the white plastic tables and chairs up against the wall and stack them so they won’t blow away. The sky seems to darken by the minute and I go inside to find some candles in case the power goes out. They smell like cinnamon and vanilla and I decide to light them anyway to make the house smell cozy. I change into a nice dress and I look through my cookbooks to find the perfect recipe: greek salad for two. Then I begin to take out the ingredients from the fridge. Suddenly I hear the first sounds of thunder. The dog whimpers slightly and I comfort her. Then I sit down on the couch and wait. About five minutes later the doorbell rings and I go to answer the door.
“I almost thought you weren’t coming.” I say, smiling up at him.
“I’d never miss out on a summer storm with you.” He says, smiling back.
“How come it took you so long to get over here? You’re always here for the first sound of thunder.” I say, slightly pouting.
“There was an accident on fifth street, or I would have been here even before it.”
Thunder claps loudly outside, interrupting our conversation, and we walk into the kitchen to make lunch for the show. We sit outside on the porch on the brown wool blanket we always use and eat our lunch as thunder and lightning fill the sky. We make light conversation in between the booms of thunder but quiet entirely once rain begins to fall. The rain makes the silence soothing and we lay down on the blanket together, facing each other.
“I wish we had storms everyday.” I say watching the rain fall delicately on the earth.
“As do I. ” He replies, only staring at me.


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