night swimming

It was their first night back in town since school had ended for the summer and the day had been sweltering. Nicole and Corey hadn’t seen each other since Christmas and they were excited to hang out all summer, like they did every year. It was dark now and they swam in Corey’s pool underneath the stars. The water felt as warm as the air so it felt as if they weren’t actually swimming at all. Bats occasionally dipped into the pool for a drink and each time Nicole dove under the water for safety. Corey laughed at how little Nicole had changed since they were little, but he liked that about her. Somehow she was able to remain bright and happy about life unlike most people who found it easier to see darkness. They floated on their backs, trying to see shooting stars and playing truth or dare. This was how they interacted. They rarely had serious conversations but told each other everything through silly childish games. Corey had known Nicole since kindergarten, but something was different this year. Corey watched her swim in the moonlight and thought she looked beautiful. She’d never looked beautiful before. Or maybe she had and Corey had simply failed to notice all those years. Nicole was different from all the girls he met at school and he realized that in the few hours that they had been together that night, he had acquired feelings for her. Nicole looked over at him and asked him why he was staring at her with such a weird expression. She told him he looked like he was about to profess his love for her, and laughed brightly. Corey laughed with her and said that would only happen in her dreams. He splashed her then dove under the water before she could retaliate. It was going to be an interesting summer.


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